From cigarettes to water pipes.

Hertz&Selck develops flavours for the most diverse areas of application in the tobacco field, from classic products like cigarettes, cigarillos or cigars, hand rolling tobacco and pipe tobacco to chewing tobacco and snuff as well as flavours for filters or cigarette papers. Products that were originally consumed only in specific regions, but which have developed into international trends, such as flavours for water pipe tobacco, are as much a part of the portfolio as geographically limited products such as paan masala, Indonesian kreteks, and bidis, predominantly smoked in India and Southeast Asia, but also snus and e-liquids.

From classic flavours to functional flavours.

Hertz&Selck is active in the following areas:
  • natural and enhanced extracts
  • natural flavours
  • casings and enhancers for Virigina tobacco
  • casings and enhancers for Burley tobacco
  • Burley Top Casing
  • casings and enhancers for Orient tobacco
  • additives for casings
  • modifiers and taste enhancers
  • stem casings
  • functional flavours
  • top flavours
  • improvers for reconstituted tobacco
  • flavours for filters and cigarette papers
  • pack aroma
  • and much more