Experience, innovation and the highest quality standards.

The pleasure of tobacco stems from two things: the tobacco blend and the flavour. The right blend is the art of our customers; ours is the flavour. Finding the right taste signature for each product is not only an art, but also the result of systematic investment in the area of product development. By such means, Hertz&Selck can both ensure and expand the quality of its products as a strategic success factor.

To guarantee our customers’ trust in the safety and quality of our products, we only use impeccable, high-quality additives and raw materials, and follow transparent standards for quality assurance that cover all the phases in the life of a product. Our quality management system follows international ISO standards. All materials we use, right through to the finished flavour, are subject to regular controls. Hertz&Selck’s entire production process is underpinned by quality tests and analyses. In addition, Hertz&Selck pursues the goal of conducting sustainable business.

Know-how for the tobacco industry.

A decisive factor in the success of Hertz&Selck is our staff. They give the company a face and a character and are responsible for performance and products meeting the high expectations of our customers. They are the essential source of innovative capacity and creative impulse, which are both indispensable requirements for the successful development of flavours. Because beyond their self-evident technical skills, our flavourists and experts need an instinct for market trends as well as a flair for customer preferences.