High-quality flavours for tobacco can only be made with select raw materials and processes. For that reason Hertz&Selck draws exclusively upon first-class raw materials and works according to strict standards of quality control and product safety, which guarantee a consistently high product quality.


Reliable knowledge of the tobacco markets, the country-specific partialities of consumers as well as regional particularities are an important precondition for the development of successful flavours. Due to decades of experience in the international markets, Hertz&Selck can ensure that products meet the desires and demands of the market.


Hertz&Selck devotes its attention to one single area of business: tobacco. With the help of its extensive know-how about the specifications of flavours and the taste inclinations of target brands, Hertz&Selck develops tailor-made solutions for each customer.


Markets develop quickly. Overall business tendencies lead to new trends; the legislation in individual countries changes. To put business partners and customers in the position to react quickly and flexibly to changes, Hertz&Selck attaches particular importance by swift and reliable processing, beginning with development, through sampling to delivery times.


In its dealings with its customers, Hertz&Selck pursues the goal of the highest quality, efficiency and flexibility. The management and the distribution team, flavourists and experts in applications technology support our customers from the initial idea to market launch. As such, Hertz&Selck does not see itself primarily as a contractor, but rather as a long-standing, reliable and experienced partner of the tobacco industry.

Hertz&Selck: The Art of Taste since 1931

As a partner of the industry, Hertz&Selck has devoted itself to the development of flavours for over 80 years. With a healthy confidence in our strengths in this area we have maintained one thing to this day: Our greatest strength is our passion for tobacco. A passion for good taste.